Iles Galapagos patrimoine Unesco : Archipel plus en danger (juillet 2010)

Les Iles Galapagos n’est plus un site en péril, elles figuraient sur la liste depuis 2007. . L’Unesco reconnaît les efforts de protection faits par l’Equateur. L’archipel de l’océan Pacifique figure au Patrimoine universel depuis 1978. L’archipel des Galapagos est formé d’une quarantaine d’îles volcaniques situées à près de 1000 km des côtes sud-américaines.
Nazca Booby :: Sula granti Gal‡pagos islands have developed some of the most unique forms of life on the planet, highly adapted to the harsh surroundings and in ecological isolation from the rest of the world. It was not until Charles Darwin's famous visit to the islands in 1835, which helped inspire the theory of evolution by natural selection, that the Gal‡pagos Islands gained international recognition. Today, the islands are known throughout the world for their scientific importance. The Gal‡pagos also draw thousands of visitors (120,000 annually) who come to see the islands' unique wildlife and beautiful scenery (and thousands more new residents attracted by the promise of lucrative opportunities to exploit them). This influx of people many due to the boom in eco tours - bring with them a growing number of invasive species. This can and will lead to degraded habitats and over harvested resources, which may never be restored. These mounting dangers to wildlife and habitats come in the face of climate change that threatens to disrupt the balance of life on the islands.


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