HTC Touch Cruise : Rom avec Windows Mobile 6.1 [Officiel]

Découvrez la mise à jour pour le [shal]HTC Touch Cruise[/shal] afin qu’il tourne sous Windows Mobile 6

Nouveautés de cette Rom d’update pour le WIndows Mobile 6.1
que résume WMexperts :
* Bluetooth Headset: It may happen that you cannot hear anything when using Bluetooth headsets (Jabra JX10, Jabra BT500 or Samsung WEP 150) even when it has already successfully reconnected with the Touch Cruise.
* Default Onscreen Keyboard: It may happen that the device will not remember the last onscreen keyboard used. Before, the onscreen keyboard always defaults to the Touch Keyboard.
* Title Bar: It may happen that the Title Bar disappears when you go back to the Home screen.
* Camera Viewfinder: It may happen that the viewfinder is cut when you open a Powerpoint file and then tap Options.
* GPS Mode: It may happen that the display becomes “abnormal” after taking a picture in GPS mode and then going into Suspend/Resume mode.
* FM Radio Speaker/Headset Mode: It may happen that the FM Radio program uses the incorrect output mode (Speaker or Headset) before the application launches.
* TouchFLO Setting: It may happen that the TouchFLO setting does not appear in the Settings > System tab.
* TomTom in Home Screen: It may happen that TomTom does not show in the Home screen.

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